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Workshops give the opportunity to discover and practice the 5Rhythms on a deeper level within a certain theme.
I offer workhsops in different formats. Mostly they are offered in a weekend format, but I also offer workshops of one day, or longer then a weekend.

At a workshop there will be instructions, guidances and space to discover and play with whatever is there, mostly related to the theme of the workshop. We use the MAP of the 5 Rhythms as Gabrielle Roth has developed them over the years to work from the body and breath, into presence.and awareness. These workshops catalyze a personal proces which is different for each of us. We make our personal journey and take our individual teachings home with us. The concept of this work is that we are all students and all teachers in becoming loving and lovable human beings. 

I offer workshops on Waves and Heartbeat level.

Waves workshops are body-oriented. They are the fundament of this practice. Following the body is the most powerful and fastest way to get present as our mind is mostly living in the past or drifting in the future.

Heartbeat workshops are heart-oriented. At these workshops we investigate the landscape of the emotional heart in a way where we strip away the stories around fear, anger, sadness, joy and compassion, and break it down till just energy that moves our bodies in a way they serve us in our daily lives.

I teach in:

See my program for the dates.


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