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Lago d'Órta, Italia 26 July- 1 August 2020
Summer Dance 2020 - Dance & Relax

The Summer Dance is a good place to dance and relax, It offer  a space to step back and slow down from our daily rush. With the 5Rhythms as our guidance we move into that natural state of relaxation where it's easy to be with ourselves,and everything which moves us, and with eachother. In the dance we move with the qualities of elements, earth, fire, water and air, how we can connect with them to support us in our daily life and to dive deeper into their healing presence. We will reconnect with our bodies in a profound and playfull way. Our bodies will be our entrance to move with our state of being and our emotions. The Summer Dance is a place to meet other dancers on a deeper level in a relaxed way. A lot of lifetime friendships have started here.


Centro d'Ompio is situated on a sunny terrace in northern Italy, with a generous and spacious park, gardens and gorgeous chestnut trees. The noticeable energy of nature and the mild climate provide an ideal environment for people, who want to open themselves to meditation, personal growth and spiritual experience.

The place covers an area of 100'000 square meters with gardens, terraces, chestnut forest, meadows, all connected with walking trails, which lead by creeks, springs and a pond. There is a gorgeous view to Lago d'Orta and mountains of the Monte Rosa range thanks, to the elevated location.


  • outdoor swimming pool of 25 m x 10 m

  • sauna

  • fireplaces

  • power spots

  • massage sessions

  • car rental

  • WiFi



Sunday: arriving in the afternoon around 16:00, having dinner together and in the evening opening-circle and dancing.
Monday - Friday: program in the morning and in the afternoon. (there will be one or two afternoons free time for all of us.
Saturday: losing-circle in the morning, lunch together and departure around 14:00.h

The workshop:
Early bird befor 24st of May €350,-.
After that €410,- 

Full service accomodation between €60,- , and €100,- per day depending on the type of room you want.


Roland Burkert
T: +49.172.765.9409

Centro d''Ompio

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