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Ongoing Groups

Ongoing Groups create continuum in practicing the 5Rhythms within a theme. In an Ongoing Group we dance with a closed group for a fixed number of modules within a certain time frame. Dancing in a closed group is a powerfull tool to dive deeper into the ocean of our dances. You don’t have to addapt to new people every day and there is such a support in making the journey together. By meeting the same dancers and by staying connected in between the modules there will be more trust to investigate your dance and it it gives me as teacher a better insight of what is needed as a group and as an individual dancer.

Ongoing Groups create community by meeting eachother on a regular base with connectivity in between the modules. My personal experience is that I have made life-time friends during these dances. 

There will be always a theme we will investigate these modules. These modules can have different formats like, for example, 6 Sundays a year with 2 months in between, or 3 weekends within 5 months, or 3 times a week in a year with 3 months in between.. It is known that the more days we dance together behind eachother, the more profound and deep our teachings will be. 

Ongoing Groups

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