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"Without the dark, the light isn't able to know itself."                                                                                              Typhoon, Dutch singer songwriter 

Shadow and Light are like life and death, the one doesn’t exist without the other. If we want to investigate our light and our ability to shine and radiate, we also need to know our shadows, the places where we are in the way of our true selves and of others. These shadows keep us away from moving, we get stuck which causes stress,confusion and makes us numb in the end.
The practice of the 5Rhythms is rooted in creativity and motion. We will use this creative energy to transform our shadow obstacles into a jump board into the light. The more we become conscious of energies which influence our movements and actions, the more choices and options we have where we can follow the energy of our true Spirit.

The 5Rhythms is our practice to investigate our light and shadow. Every rhythm has its own teachings to show us. They show us where we can become fluid when we get stuck, where to stay focused without getting rigid. Our movements will help us to get grounded and juicy and to create a wide spectrum to return to our personal creative energy.


Thursday 19:00-22:00 (open night)
Friday 11:00-18:00
Saturday 11:00-18:00.

€175,- (SH 760) early bird booked and payed before 1st of April. After that €205,- (SH 900)

Adi Argov
T: +972-54-4558813

Suzanne Dellal Center
Yehieli St  5, Tel Aviv Yafo

Summerdance 2014

Tel Aviv, 4 - 6 May
​Into the Light - out of the shadow

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