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At the end of a weekend workshop people often say to me that after a weekend of dance they actually feel ready to start the workshop. Arriving and landing in the body and the dance with yourself and others takes time.

The intensives gives you the opportunity to dive deeper into a level of consciousness which is hard to realize in just a weekend. Spending at least 5 days with the same people within a theme gives depth to the journey we are making as an individual, as well as a tribe. To create your own breakthroughs takes time, and these Intensives provide time and space to investigate deeper levels within your dance, within yourself.

Intensives are intens workshops from at least 5 days.  If you doubt that you can do it physically I want to share with you that I have dancers around 70 years old who dance for even more then 5 days. To find out how you move for a longer time within a certain field of energy is part of the investigation. You will meet the dance where you will be moved instead of the dance where you move your will. And that moment lightens us up.

It is advisable, though not nescessary to have danced  a weekend workshop before you step into an Intensive.


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