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Holiday Retreats

These retreats are there to slow down and get you out of your daily routine.  As the word says, we Re-Treat ourselves with great dances, great people, great food at great places to step out of our busy lifes into a relaxed state of being with eachother. We dance, guided by the 5Rhythms, to meditate and relax with whatever the day brings.

I have been doing the Summer Dance in Toscana for 7 years now and this year will be my first New Years Retreat. The Summer Dance is an a beautifull intimate setting and the New Years Retreat will be bigger and includes Ritual and Party to make the transition form the old into the new year and to celebrate this moment together.

I always offer space for other people to offer their gifts, which are in line with the intention of these retreats. You will see dancers offer massage or yoga or something else in between the dance sessions. 

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Holiday Retreats

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