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Amsterdam, Jan 2016 - July 2016
​Heartbeat - Trilogy, ongoing group

HEARTBEAT - the map of the Emotions.

As the body holds the heart, the heart holds all our emotions. Within the 5Rhythms the Heartbeat-Map hold our dances with our emotions.

During this trilogy we dance in the landscape of the emotional map. We will investigate our relationships to our emotions and look for ways how these emotions can become our support instead of our enemy. We dance and see how these emotions shape us, how they move in us, in our realtionships and outside us. When we are able to unchain our heart there is space for fear, anger, sadness, joy and in the end compassion in the most essential way, where we can become a whole hearted human being. Each module we will dance in a different part of the landscape and feel the relationships between them. It is good to know that this work is no therapy. The 5Rhythms works with the body as our vessel of investigation.

23 - 24 January, Module 1 – FAITH IN FEAR

16 - 17 April, Module 2 – ENERGY IN MOTION

2 - 3 July, Module 3 – WHOLE HEARTED

This trilogy is a closed group where we dance 3 weekends together. Dancing in a closed group is a powerfull tool to dive deeper into the ocean of our dances. You don’t have to addapt to new people every day and there is such a support in making the journey together. It is not possible to book a seperate module.

To participate this workshop you need to have danced a minimum of 15 hours of Waves with a 5RTA accredited 5Rhythms teacher.

 All workshop hours contribute to 5Rhythms® teachers training prerequisites.


Saturday & Sunday
23 - 24 January Module 1
16 - 17 April, Module 2
2 - 3 July, Module 3

Saturday: 11:00 - 18:00
Sunday: 11:00 - 17:30 

Early booking €425,- before 1st of December.
After that €495,-.


Marc Lendfers
T: +

Geert Groote School

Fred Roeskestraat 82, Amsterdam

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