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Amsterdam 3 - 5 November
the Medicine of Attention
with guest teacher Erik Iversen (Montreal, Canada)

The 5Rhythms movement meditation practice gives us permission to travel safely outside our daily experience of living and moving. In this experimental and innovative environment {laboratory} using our bodies to express creates the opportunity to slow down and rhythmically notice where we unconsciously or consciously put our attention. This workshop/playshop illuminates and shines light on presence , our sense of the occupying a space in the moment. In our bodies where do we align? What do we value? and then repeat ? How do we connect? What are we avoiding and not facing? We can focus on ground, balance, imbalance, fear, breath, other people, love, space, energy. Through movement we can choose to cultivate excitement and play and to discover new choices to focus our awareness/attention. We can learn to be in sync with the world . By developing attention to appreciation of ourself and of others we feed connection instead of isolation , love instead of fear, creativity instead of inertia. Come and play and awaken new pathways of relationship to self and others.

ERIK IVERSEN -  Montreal, Canada

I’ve been a 5Rhythms teacher, a reflexologist and a practitioner of Hellerwork Structural Integration for close to 30 years. I’ve observed thousands of bodies, both in dancing and through the movement patterns I see in my bodywork practice. From this platform of knowledge, I introduce the building blocks of movement through developmental explorations, core anatomy and structural integration. Once we have a whole sense of our bodies I facilitate the pathway to enjoyable and expressive embodiment through sensorial discovery, creativity and play.I am fortunate to have co-founded the very first 5Rhythms Teacher’s Training in 1988, and just taught at the most recent Teacher Trainings last years  Through this span of years, I’ve continued to be committed to playfully awakening the body-mind connection. My teaching is essentially an invitation and an expression of self–love through dancing, feeling and being. On the edge of my learning is the 2 year Hendricks Leadership and Transformation course I’m following.

In June of this year, I graduated from the two-year Intensive Transformational and Leadership training at the Hendricks Institute in California. This facilitator certification and the coaching skills I’ve learned are now integrated into my teaching and one-on-one work with clients.


Friday (open class):  19:30 - 22:00 (door open at 19:00)
Saturday: 11:00 - 18:00
Sunday: 11:00 - 17:30 

Early booking €165,- before 15th of October.
After that €195,-.
Friday open evening: €30,-


Marc Lendfers
T: +

Geert Groote School

Fred Roeskestraat 82, Amsterdam

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