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Thun - Switzerland,  21 - 25 June 2017
Closer to the Heart

a 5 days Heartbeat Intensive

assisted by Christa Zaugg

HEARTBEAT - the map of the Emotions

[ E-motion = Energy in motion. ]

This workshop is medicine for the heart.  As the body holds the heart, the heart holds all our emotions.  Within the 5Rhythms the Heartbeat-Map offers endless ways to investigate our emotions through movement.

This 5 days Heartbeat intensive offers you a deep investigation in the energetic field of the heart, where we listen to our emotions as energy rushing through our body, express them and be moved by our emotions in the most primal and essential way.  We dance and see how these emotions shape us, how they move us and our relationships.  We look at those parts within our emotional world which holds us back from our power to love ourselves and to love others.  When we are able to unchain our heart and strip the away the armor there is space for fear, anger, sadness, joy and in the end compassion in the most essential way, where we can become courageous and stand in our dignity so we can become a whole hearted loving vulnerable human being.  

It is good to know that this work is no therapy.  The 5Rhythms works with the body as our vessel of investigation. Prerequisits for the workshop are at least 15 hours of  Waves danced with a 5RTA teacher.

This 5 days Heartbeat counts as prerequisites for the Teacher Training program. 


The 20st of June there will be an extra open evening for everybody.
Every day: 11:00 - 18:00
Sunday: 11:00 - 17:00 

Early booking before 1st of May CHF 395,- / €365,-
Price after 1st of May CHF 450,- / €415,-

Extra open evening 20 June:  CHF 20,- for participants of the workshop, otherwise CHF 25,-.


Selina Ratti
T: +41.79.392.34.38

to be announced

Thun, Switzerland

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