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I offer classes which are open for everybody who wants to investigate or practice movement as meditation. These open classes offer a good opportunity for new comers to get to know the 5Rhythms, and for regular dancers to deepen their practice on a regular base. A class lasts around 2,5 hours.

Classes start with time for yourself to arrive; where you can tune in on yourself, on the space, on your environment, on other dancers. This arrival time helps you to make the transition into the meditation space. The arrival time depends on how much is needed to arrive. From there on I will offer teachings, guidance and exercises which are offered as in investigation.

If you think about coming to a class for the first time, give yourself permission and time to get a bit familiar with this practice and come for about 4 or 5 times to get at least a taste of it. Only one single class doesn’t give you a good insight about the power of this practice.

Shake your Buddha


Classes and Sweat your Prayers

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