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Marc Lendfers

I am a Dancing Warrior, a passionate drummer and music collector.  I am a certified 5Rhythms teacher after I finished the teacher training with Gabrielle Roth in 2008.. In 2013 I was Staff Member of the 5Rhythms Teacher Training Program of  5Rhythms Global. In 2015 I became an accredited Heartbeat teacher as well.after I finished the Heartbeat trainiing. I have taught all over Europe, the USA, Canada and Israel these years and teaching became my life.

.I was born as the youngest of 5 in the south of the Netherlands. Nowadays I am based in Amsterdam. I play the drums since my teens and have played in many bands and on many stages. After my University I made my life as an architect and urban designer for 20 years. Today I am fully dedicated and devoted to the dance and to my family.

I teach with energy of passion and enthusiasm for dance and music on one side and from my love and compassion for the human being and life in general on the other site. My pursuit is to be infectious and inspiring and I will always aim for that. Personally I look for the boundaries of my dance, as well as teacher as in my own dance, to reach the divine. I teach from my total energy and humour where everything is allowed to be as it is and I create always space to search for new ways.

My body is my temple, the dancefloor is my dance-lab and the 5Rhythms is my practice. The most beautiful thing about the dance is that each time it appeals to my own sense of self in a surprising way. My dance never lies and is different every time. I am the only one who can breathe for me, breath into motion. No one can do that for me. Only I can liberate myself and heal. With others I find recognition and support on the dance floor as well as in daily life.I teach throughout Europe from eveningclasses to 7day-workshops.

If you like me to bring 5Rhythms to your community, please write a mail.

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