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The 5Rhythms®

The 5Rhythms® is a movement meditation to re-connect with the body in the first place. It is a way to open the heart and stretch the mind by moving the body. It opens up our personal creativity in so many ways by giving ourselves the permission to dance whatever is inside of us, find trust in that and be who we are.

The 5Rhythms are liberating for every-body no matter age, bodyshape, ethnic roots, religion or ability to move. There are no steps to learn. The body knows the steps already. We need to re-connect with the body and find the trust to follow the body. When you surrender and drop into that beat of the body and the breath, the magic will unfold itself.

The 5Rhythms are flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness. Each rhythm has its own characteristic energy and every dancer interprets them in their own personal way. Together they form a wave of energy, the “Wave”. We live in “waves” and we are a part of a bigger wave. If we surrender and surf these waves we find the ecstasy that we call “life” and we are able to connect with all life inside and around us.

"Put your mind in your feet and your body in the beat" 

"To get to your own two feet you have to go through a lot of wilderness"
                                                                            Gabrielle Roth 

Flowing is the the mother of all the Rhythms. It holds all the other Rhythms in the presence of the fluid body. Flowing is that continues, circular sustainable energy that listens to whatever is going on inside and outside of us. This feminine, receptive energy is all about letting in. Flowing is rooted in our feet and teaches us about presence and how to stay fluid within that present moment.

The open body is a vast vessel to travel and dance wherever our feet will bring us. Flowing is about trust and how to follow the dances of our body, of our true selves.


" Flowing is the state of being fluid, of hanging loose and being flexible. The rhythm of flowing connects us to the flow of our individual energy, our base current."   


Staccato will set us on fire. It is the rhythm that shapes the body in angles and edges. Rooted in our hips, it pulses from the heart, in the beat, clear and true. It is the rhythm that allows us to express ourselves in the most creative ways. It holds our masculine energy which is about letting out, getting clear, setting boundaries, rising and showing up. Staccato teaches us about focus and clarity.

" Staccato is dancing with your bones, creating all kinds of angles and edges like geometry in motion. Staccato batters down the fortress of lies and hardened hurts which surround our true mystery."   


Chaos teaches us letting go. When we let go of the choreographer we are able to dive fearless deep into our dances. Chaos is formless, bigger and more intense as expected. It shakes our body from the head down to the feet. Chaos is the washing machine of the head. There is no control, no form, only surrender to the journey of our freedom to become an intuitive human being. Chaos breaks through our own limitations and breaks out of our patterns. It’s the rattle that shakes the body, rooted in our feet, held by the beat, coming from the bigger mind.

" If you are afraid of chaos, it's hard to access your intuition. The rhythm of chaos awakens the mind and roots it into the feet."

Lyrical lifts us up. This rhythm awakens the shapeshifter in us, free of any attachment our dancers become effortless and soulful. We can let go of letting go and we become light and imaginative. The body dances light forms of any rhythm as leaves in a breeze. Out of the transformation from chaos into lyrical we open up to the world of our imagination. Repetitive movements are rising up, one after the other as if new information and wisdom stores itself in the body.

" Lyrical is an airborne rhythm. When our psyches take flight in the airy dance of lyrical, our imaginations are liberated."                                                 

Stillness moves in emptyness. It is the state of motion where we are fully awake and present with the divine. This is the rhythm of our inner-voice, our master, where we are moved by breath and spirit. It is the dance beyond time, beyond space, beyond ourselves. Stillness is energy moving us through all the rhythms, melted as one, slow, in motion.Stillness teaches us how to move with the fulfillment of being empty. Stillness teaches us to become magical.

" Your dance looks like a serie of snapshots with movement in between. Focus your attention on the ebb and flow of your breath, the beat of your heart, the pulsing of your cells. And in this womb of stillness, in this song of silence, embrace the mystery that is you. It is all a prayer. "                                                 

                                                                                              ∞ Text in gold comes from Gabrielle Roth from her book Sweat Your Prayers ∞

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